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have you been looking for legit working hacks and cheats for Star Wars Commander ? You came to the right place! Here we will be posting the latest hacks and cheats to help you achieve victory. Star Wars commander was released to compete with Clash of Clans as the best strategy game for mobile devices. As a very competitive game you will have to know the best strategies, tips and tricks to be able to compete with the top players. Not only that but you will also have to compete against players that will outgun you by buying credits and spending money on special perks and other features to get an edge. To be able to go head to head with such users we have created this fantastic Star Wars Commander Hack that you can download for free. Generate unlimited amounts of resources for free without having to spend any real money. Get Free alloy, free crystals and also free credits to spend as you like.

Star Wars Commander cheats available on all platforms

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Star Wars Commander Hacks

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Game Information

Disney continues its policy of releasing smaller games under the sign of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Commander to regale fans the story first and foremost.

We wanted to continue bringing innovation to the space free-to-play strategy, says Nathan Etter, executive producer Disney Interactive, which just released Star Wars: Commander on iOS-a. -We were able to just let people choose one of the parties, but instead, we wanted to clearly distinguish them apart to give players authentic to understand in both camps said, whereas, of course, referring to the bright and dark side of the force.

An important aspect of the Star Wars: Commander is the story. -In some games, I’m not saying that this is so in all, but in some of them the story it is not dominant. We know that we’re doing the game for a wide range of Star Wars fans, and for them the story is absolutely crucial, says Etter.

Importantly, despite the existence of micro-payments, the entire contents of the game can be unlocked without incurring any fees. -We do not want and do not to this game has become a production type of pay-to-win. A lot of time spent on design we spent on ensuring that we have given up the users field to play-she says a representative of Disney Interactive.

Therefore, if you want to give a chance to Star Wars: Commander  you can do it right now. The game is now available for iOS, but soon you should also receive the Android. Now that you know what are you waiting for to get this Star Wars Commander Hacks ?